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Photo of Frederick Jones, PhD

Frederick Jones, PhD




Burney Health Center


Dr. Fred Jones was born in Jacksonville, Florida and raised in Monticello, Florida. He has dual PhDs in Clinical Psychology and Sociology from International College and completed post-doctoral training at Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy where he studied with Viktor Frankl and colleagues. He founded and managed Silicon Valley technology companies and has taught design, architecture, theology, and psychology. He has been a pastor of a number of churches and counseled and treated hundreds of patients and parishioners in countless life crises and transitions. He has written and published over 35 books on a variety of subjects. He is married with two daughters.

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In 1949 a Chamber of Commerce hospital committee was formed and began taking the first steps toward a visionary project -Ward Memorial Hospital. The Chamber's "Hospital Committee" compiled the costs of building a new hospital to present to taxpayers -the first hospital bond issue was defeated in 1950. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. After one private hospital discontinued practice due to inadequate facilities, leaving only one that could handle just 23 patients, the need for a county hospital was again fronted to the citizens in 1953. With the support of local doctors, civic groups and women's clubs, a bond election was called in March of 1954. In June of 1954 the voters voted six-to-one in favor of a county hospital.