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Reports To: Information Technology Manager



Under the direction of the Information Technology Manager, the System Analyst resides in the second escalation level for issues reported to the IT Department. This is a Level 3 role that is responsible for designing, configuring, and improving all HIS that Mayers Memorial Hospital District relies on. They also receive Tier 3 tickets from Level 1 and 2 personnel when necessary, and will need to field, escalate, and resolve Tier 1 and 2 tickets in the absence of Level 2 personnel. This position requires previous IT and Healthcare experience or knowledge.

This job description is intended to identify some of the primary duties and responsibilities. MAYERS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL DISTRICT reserves the right to modify, supplement, delete or augment the duties and responsibilities specified in this position description, at MAYERS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL DISTRICTS sole and absolute discretion.

POSITION Qualifications:

1. Bachelor Degree in a Healthcare field of study plus an appropriate combination of IT related work experience and IT certifications or equivalent combination of both Healthcare/IT related work experience and credentials/certifications
2. Understanding of basic ITIL concepts
3. Previous experience with any ticketing or issue tracking system
4. Excellent customer service skills
5. Excellent written skills
6. The ability to contribute to and effectively work in a team
7. A focus on improving patient care
8. Previous experience with any HIS
9. Previous project management experience
10. Previous experience working at a Critical Access Hospital
11. Knowledge of medical records, coding, and billing workflows
12. Experience with McKesson or Allscripts software products
13. Experience with Hyland product
14. Experience with Windows Desktop and Server operating systems
15. Experience with Linux operating systems
16. Experience with virtualized desktop environments, specifically Citrix


All IT Personnel:

1. Maintain professionalism, both when on duty and as a representative of MMHD among the community outside of normal work hours
2. Attend regular collaboration meetings
3. Contribute to internal knowledge base, standard operating procedures, and process improvement
4. Request assistance from other team members on complicated issues
5. Maintain a positive working relationship with patients, visitors, and facility staff
6. Maintain confidentiality in accordance with HIPAA and MMHD policies in regards to all encounters with Patient, Employee, Visitor, and any other type of Personally Identifiable Information when performing work
7. Manage their time effectively, organizing and prioritizing work in accordance with the rest of the team
8. Communicate appropriately to directors, managers, vendors, and coworkers.
9. Communicate accurately and entirely, to include proper spelling and grammar, complete reference materials, and minimal mathematical calculation
10. Consider the needs and workflows of other departments with which he/she works with on a temporary basis in order to assist them more effectively
11. Answers phone calls, assists end users, and address all issues in accordance with their priority level
12. Arrive on time, and in appropriate uniform
13. Travel to remote facilities when necessary (5-20 miles depending on location)
14. Assist in scheduled On Call rotation when necessary
15. Assist in Business Projects that require the assistance of the IT department
16. Perform other duties as assigned

Level 3 Personnel:

1. Possess the ability to take on all responsibilities of Level 2 personnel in their absence
2. Receive escalated issues from Level 2 personnel and management
3. Be able to identify when to escalate tickets to other Level 3 or Level 4 personnel
4. Document their ticket resolutions in a verbose manner and publish them for future use
5. Perform the majority of IT related work on Business Projects. Required work for these projects vary, ranging from single server provisioning to standing up a new environment
6. Become subject matter experts in the systems built during these projects, and establish what health checks need to be performed, as well as what monitoring needs to be configured on the systems or components that reside in that area to ensure they function correctly
7. Heavily document systems and components they configure during Business Projects, or of which they are the subject matter expert on
8. Perform maintenance on systems they have configured during a Business Project or of which they are the subject matter expert on, document any changes made during the maintenance, and communicate the documentation location and severity of the changes made to whomever will be on call after these changes are made
9. Look for opportunities to automate tasks, improve the IT departments ability to provide good customer service, or reduce ticket load, and present a complete solution to the IT Manager for approval
10. Look for opportunities to improve workflow of other departments via technology, and present the idea to the IT Manager and COO for further investigation

Professional Requirements:

1. Adheres to dress code; appearance is neat and professional.
2. Completes annual education requirements if applicable.
3. Maintains regulatory requirements.
4. Wears identification while on duty.
5. Attends annual evaluation and participates actively in this process.
6. Reports to work on time and as scheduled; completes work in designated time.
7. Attends all meetings as appropriate.
8. Exhibits the mission, ethics and goals of Mayers Memorial Hospital District in the performance of job duties.


1. Willingness to work beyond normal working hours, including scheduled availability outside of normal business hours, and in other positions temporarily when necessary.
2. Is involved with personnel, visitors and government agencies, etc., when necessary.
3. Must function independently, have personal integrity, have flexibility and the ability to work effectively with other personnel, clients and support agencies.

1. Sits, stands, bends, lifts, walks and moves intermittently during working hours.
2. Able to lift 20 lbs.

Additional Information
Position Type : Full Time
Shift : Day

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