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Reports To: Purchasing Manager



Under the direction of the Purchasing Manager, the Assistant Purchasing Manager is responsible for supply chain management and the processes within the facility that are required to sustain adequate supply and inventory management to the various departments of the organization.

This job description is intended to identify some of the primary duties and responsibilities. MAYERS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL DISTRICT reserves the right to modify, supplement, delete or augment the duties and responsibilities specified in this position description, at MAYERS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL DISTRICT'S sole and absolute discretion.


1. Bachelor's Degree required. Bachelor's degree in finance, healthcare administration, or business administration preferred.
2. Experience in healthcare setting.
3. Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications.
4. Ability to work with others, at all levels within the organization, and collaborate effectively.
5. Above-average interpersonal, problem-solving, and written and oral communication skills.
6. Knowledge of supply chain management and any applicable regulations.
7. Experience with EHR software.


General Competencies:

1. Professional behavior is demonstrated, both when on duty and as a representative of MMHD outside of normal work hours.
2. Ability to work with others, at all levels within the organization, and collaborate effectively.
3. Above-average interpersonal, problem-solving, and written and oral communication skills.
4. A positive working relationship with patients, visitors, and facility staff is demonstrated.
5. Organizational ability and time management is demonstrated.
6. Produces deliverable products on time, within budget with minimal direction.
7. Demonstrates the ability to compile and organize data using Microsoft Office Applications. Ability to make appropriate recommendations or conclusions, given the data obtained.
8. Maintains an organized set of records, upon request, for the functions that are performed within the scope of this job.
9. Communicates appropriately and clearly to directors, managers, and coworkers.
10. Performs all assigned tasks accurately, to include proper spelling and grammar, reference materials, and minimal mathematical calculation.
11. Takes direction from others to include those employees of other departments with which he/she works on a temporary basis in accordance with the chain of command.
12. Maintains all information as confidential as appropriate, to include payroll, personnel information, and other information obtained during the course of performing job duties that is confidential.
13. Demonstrates ability to effectively use office machines in the performance of job functions.
14. Answers phone calls, assists public, and forwards appropriately if necessary and in a professional and friendly manner.
15. Other duties as assigned.

Specific Competencies:

1. Regularly checks stock for correct inventory levels. Establishes appropriate par levels to support department needs throughout the facility.
2. Searches for best prices for supplies that are needed for operations and assures compliance with any GPO contracts in procurement of supplies.
3. Processes requisitions and prepares purchase orders. Holds purchase orders until receipt of product then forwards completed purchase order to Accounting.
4. Delivers orders throughout the facility on a timely basis.
5. Controls products leaving the purchasing room and maintain accurate accounting for usage.
6. Conducts physical inventory counts every December 31st and June 30th or as directed.
7. Develops relationships with vendors within and outside of GPO in an effort to reduce total supply spend to support more financially viable operations.
8. Collaborates with departments to ensure accurate ordering.
9. Maintains an up-to-date departmental manual and enforces policies throughout the facility.
10. Maintains MSDS sheets on all products used and ordered for use in the organization.
11. Analyzes current inventory management, procurement, delivery, and supply chain processes and makes recommendations on how to improve efficiency and financial performance within the organization.
12. Audits purchasing procedures to ensure best practices and pricing is achieved.

Professional Requirements:

1. Adheres to dress code; appearance is neat and professional.
2. Completes annual education requirements if applicable.
3. Maintains regulatory requirements.
4. Wears identification while on duty.
5. Attends annual evaluation and participates actively in this process.
6. Reports to work on time and as scheduled; completes work in designated time.
7. Attends all meetings as appropriate.
8. Exhibits the mission, ethics and goals of Mayers Memorial Hospital District in the performance of job duties.


1. Willingness to work beyond normal working hours and in other positions temporarily when necessary.
2. Is involved with personnel, visitors and government agencies, etc., when necessary.
3. Must function independently, have personal integrity, have flexibility and the ability to work effectively with other personnel, clients and support agencies.


1. Sits, stands, bends, lifts, walks and moves intermittently during working hours.
2. Able to lift 20 lbs.

Additional Information
Position Type : Full Time
Shift : Day

Contact Information
Mayers Memorial Hospital District
43563 Highway 299 East; PO Box 459
Fall River Mills, Ca 96028
Phone: 530-336-5511

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