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Business Office/HIM
Cardiac Rehab/TeleMedicine
Chief Clinical Officer/Pharmacy
Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Nursing Officer - Acute/SNF
Chief of Staff
Clinical Nurse Educator
Director of ED/Ancillary Services
Director of Human Resources
Director of Nursing
Director of Nursing, Skilled
Director of Quality
Assist. Director of Nursing, SNF
Environmental Services
Exec Director - Community Relations & Business Development
Exec Director Mayers Healthcare Foundation
Infection Control
Med Staff Secretary
Nursing Management
Outpatient Services
Physical Therapy
Safety/Disaster Coordinator
SNF Burney
SNF Burney
Social Services/Activities-SNF
Social Worker - Acute
Staff Development
Telemedicine Coordinator
Volunteer Services


Lakey, Travis
Burns, Trudi
Earnest, Keith
Ward, Louis
Lakey, Travis
Harris, Ryan
Vculek, Candy
Watson, Dr. Tom
Doyle, Brigid
Garcia, Susan
Phipps, JD
Mee, Libby
Overton, Theresa
Groendyle, Diana
Hathaway, Jack
Lee, Shelley
Rodriguez, Sherry
Lakey, Valerie
McArthur, Marlene
Ranquist, Mary
Northington, Alan
Jacobson, Dawn
Hall, Chris
Johnson, Alex
Sweet, Pam
Overton, Theresa
Peterson, Michelle
Broadway, Chris
Schneider, Daryl
Sweet, Steve
Lakey, Val
Robb, Jennie
Danya, Althea
Hammons, Britany
Covert, Nola
Macey, BJ
May, Marinda
Jacobson, Dawn
Harris, Amanda
Spalding, Barbara

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Britany Hammons - Department Spotlight May 1, 2020
Dawn Jacobson - Department Spotlight April 17, 2020

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In 1949 a Chamber of Commerce hospital committee was formed and began taking the first steps toward a visionary project -Ward Memorial Hospital. The Chamber's "Hospital Committee" compiled the costs of building a new hospital to present to taxpayers -the first hospital bond issue was defeated in 1950. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. After one private hospital discontinued practice due to inadequate facilities, leaving only one that could handle just 23 patients, the need for a county hospital was again fronted to the citizens in 1953. With the support of local doctors, civic groups and women's clubs, a bond election was called in March of 1954. In June of 1954 the voters voted six-to-one in favor of a county hospital.