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Cardiac Rehab

Zita Biehle, NRP, Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator
Daryl Schneider, Manager

Following a cardiac event, the Cardiac Rehab department helps patients improve their quality of life by increasing their physical endurance & durability, which also has a positive effect on their mental state. You may come to us on physician's orders for Cardiac Maintenance, where patients pay just $35.00 per month; or Cardiac Rehab where a patient's insurance usually pays for 36 visits with a physician's order. Come visit us and be a part of our Cardiac Rehabilitation family.


A program designed for patients who have had any of the following conditions or events:

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery (CABG)
Heart Attack
Heart Transplant
Stable Angina
Valvular Surgery

Patient Testimonials

"...It is truly a great opportunity for all of us heart patients to acquire (or be reminded of) the things that help us maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. We are offered advice concerning exercise appropriate to our age and current health. We are monitored regularly; giving our primary care physician a great advantage when evaluating his/her diagnosis. But probably the most valuable asset in the program is the positve atmosphere and the camaraderie amongst the patients and staff. A smile of encouragement can be priceless when other things seem out of control. I've nursed my friend and my husband through heart by-pass surgery and have attended with them the heart rehab classes offered by two different (and much larger) hospitals. Their programs don't come close to what this tiny hospital offers in information and follow-up for heart rehabilitation. We are so very fortunate to have such a fine staff maintaining high standards in this rural area..."

Patient Satisfaction Survey

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Zita Biehle, NRP, Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinator
(530) 336-5511 Ext. 1178